Wind power plant with rotor blade adjustment

HM 170.70

wind turbine construction

The wind power plant with rotor blade adjustment HM 170.70 is equipped with a gearless wind turbine with 3-blade rotor.


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  • operation and control via a PC (not included in the scope of delivery) with GUNT software connected via USB

  • observe, acquire, and analyse experiments at any number of workstations via the customer's own network with just one licence

Software enables adjustment of

  • generator speed

  • pitch angle

Measurements include

  • v1 wind velocity

  • n generator speed

  • I generator current

  • γ pitch angle

  • ϕ yaw angle

Calculations include

  • converted electrical power

  • generator torque

  • system-specific parameters

experimental setup

Open wind tunnel HM 170

Experiments from the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics with an "Eiffel" type wind tunnel

  • open wind tunnel for a variety of aerodynamic experiments

  • homogeneous flow through the flow straightener and special nozzle contour

  • transparent measuring section


Wind power plant with rotor blade adjustment HM 170.70

Extension to wind tunnel HM 170

  • 3-blade rotor with adjustable pitch and yaw angle

  • easy interchangeable rotor blades, rotor blades with 2 different profiles are included

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Extensive accessories available

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Interchangeable rotor blades: Measurement on different blade profiles