Fundamentals of wind power plants

ET 210

Watch this video to get an overview of the features and functions of the device.

device components

The air flow is generated by an adjustable speed fan. A flow straightener ensures consistent and low-turbulence flow. The angle between the rotor axis and the wind direction (yaw angle) can be adjusted by means of a handwheel. A servomotor is used to change the adjustment angle of the rotor blades.


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  • operation and control via a PC with GUNT software connected via USB

  • observe, acquire, and analyse experiments at any number of workstations via the customer's own network with just one licence

Software enables adjustment of

  • fan power

  • rotor speed

  • pitch angle

Measurements include

  • v1 wind velocity

  • n rotor speed

  • I generator current

  • γ pitch angle

  • ϕ yaw angle

Calculations include

  • converted electrical power

  • generator torque

  • system-specific parameters

determination of system characteristic diagrams

To investigate the behaviour of a system out of the optimal operating point, characteristic diagrams are determined in experiments, e.g.

  • power coefficient vs. tip speed ratio at different rotor blade pitch angles.

interchangeable rotor blades

The rotor blades can be easily replaced. For measurements on different blade profiles, two sets of rotor blades are included: one with optimized profile, one with straight profile. In addition, you have the option to investigate your own rotor blades (production by means of 3D printing).

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