Energy conversion in a wind power plant

ET 220 and accessories

experiments in the lab under defined conditions

Energy conversion in a wind power plant ET 220

The wind tunnel ET 220 allows experiments under defined conditions. As a result, you can systematically study characteristic system variables regard-less of the weather conditions, even with shorter experiment times.

experimental setup for experiments under real wind conditions

Wind power plant ET 220.01

The wind power plant ET 220.01 is designed to be set up outside in the open air. The hub height of the rotor above ground level is about 5m. It is easy to change the location of the ET 220.01 wind power plant. To do this, the device is dismantled and can easily be transported on rollers. The device is weather resistant so that it can also be operated in bad weather periods over several days.

Control unit for wind power plant ET 220.10

ET 220.10 is a compact control unit for the mobile wind power plant ET 220.01 and can be used alternatively to the control unit of ET 220. The electrical energy from the wind power plant ET 220.01 is fed into the stand-alone system of ET 220.10, which is independent from the power grid.