visualisation of stream lines

Using electrolytically generated hydrogen bubbles

Visualisation of flow fields HM 133

  • illuminated test track for optimal observation of the flow conditions

  • experiments with low flow velocity for better observation of flow processes

  • visualisation of Karman vortices

Vertical visualisation of flow fields HM 132

  • visualisation of two-dimensional flows

  • in conjunction with a special camera and suitable software image processing evaluation of the experiments (particle image velocimetry, particle tracking velocimetry).

Visualisation of streamlines HM 250.03

  • electrolytically generated hydrogen bubbles visualise streamlines

  • intuitive experiment execution via touch screen (HMI)

  • integrated WLAN router for operation and control via an end device and for screen mirroring on up to 10 end devices: PC, tablet, smartphone

  • network capability: access to ongoing experiments from external workstations via the local network

  • automatic identification of accessories via RFID technology