visualisation of stream lines

Using Fog

Wind tunnel for visualisation of streamlines HM 226

  • transparent, illuminated viewing area for optimal observation of streamlines

  • streamline field is generated by injecting fog from multiple nozzles

  • fog generator is included in the scope of delivery

  • various models: drag bodies and changes in cross-section

Aerodynamics trainer HM 225

  • visualisation of streamlines with the HM 225.08 accessory

  • homogeneous flow through fl ow straightener and carefully shaped nozzle contour

  • various models: drag bodies and change in cross-section

Open wind tunnel HM 170

  • experimental section visible from all sides

  • the HM 170.52 Fog generator produces highly dense fog, which is injected to the wind tunnel through a lance

  • wide range of drag and lift bodies available as options