Wind energy

GUNT Wind line

While traditional windmills have been widely used for hundreds of years for mechanical drives, generating electricity by means of large wind power plants is currently experiencing a breakthrough. The process of energy recovery through wind

power includes extensive theoretical principles in addition to the practical aspects. GUNT offers suitable teaching systems for developing an understanding of all the principal aspects of wind energy use.

Visualisation of stream lines

In order to understand wind turbines in detail, profound knowledge of aerodynamics is essential.

For the design of a rotor blade of a modern wind power plant, for example, the aerodynamic properties have to be taken into account.

The visualization of stream lines helps to understand the basics of aerodynamics.

Application technology

Deepen your understanding of topical application issues from components for power transmission to machinery monitoring.

The performance of wind turbines depends on mechanical and electrical components as well as on efficient plant control.

For an efficient operation, continuous machinery monitoring is of great importance as well.

Wind power plants

In order to be able to use wind energy, the kinetic energy of the wind first has to be converted into rotational energy. The rotational energy can then be used in a generator to produce electrical energy.

To understand all these processes and to comprehend the influence of different system variables, GUNT offers various devices for laboratory experiments.

fREE E-learning Course

Of course, theory must be taught before practice.

We offer you and your students a complete and free online course on the basics of wind energy.