Application technology

Energy transmission in gears

Determination of Gear Efficiency AT 200

  • determination of the mechanical efficiency of gears by comparing the mechanical driving and braking power for:

    • spur gear, two-stage

    • worm gear

  • plot the torque/current characteristic curve for a magnetic particle brake

  • drive and control engineering

Dynamic Behaviour of Multi-Stage Spur Gears GL 210

  • determining the angular acceleration on gears

  • determining the mass moment of inertia of the gear

  • determining the friction

  • determining the gear efficiency

Dynamic Behaviour of Multi-Stage Planetary Gears GL 212

  • determine the transmission ratio for a locked gear

  • measure transmitted forces for a locked gear

  • gear acceleration under constant driving torque

  • influence of the transmission ratio

  • determine reduced mass moment of inertia

  • conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy

  • determine friction

  • determine gear efficiency