Application technology

Machine monitoring

In order to reduce technical and economic risks, systems for monitoring the status of the equipment (CMS, Condition Monitoring Systems) are now used in all large-scale wind power plants.

Using the teaching system PT 500 Machinery Diagnostic, you can simulate, measure and evaluate vibration signals from various typical malfunctions and damage. The interpretation of measurement signals can be practised extensively. Professional measurement technology supports the transfer of experience gained in the day-to-day operation of modern wind power plants.

Machinery diagnostic system, base unit PT 500


Crack detection in rotating shaft kit PT 500.11

The rotor shaft of a wind power plant transfers the mechanical energy from the rotor to the gear. By detecting cracks in the shaft early, the risk of a costly failure and/or the danger of destruction of the turbine can be minimised.

Roller Bearing Faults Kit PT 500.12

Dynamic forces with extreme peak loads and minimum loads, sudden load changes and vastly different temperatures represent considerable challenges for modern bearing technology in wind power plants.

Damage to gears kit PT 500.15

The PT 500.15 accessory set provides you with a variety of gear wheel sets with damaged teeth. Undamaged wheels are also included for comparative measurements. PT 500.15 enables you to conduct targeted experiments on the vibration analysis of toothing damage and on locating damage in gears.

Electromechanical vibrations kit PT 500.19

The occurrence of electromechanical vibrations can be a considerable load for motor and generator systems. Due to the extreme strain at their points of use, these effects are often especially important in wind power plant generators.